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  • History suggests that Chelsea’s title hopes have gone in two games

    By Brian Sears 21 August 2015 No Premier League team in the past 22 seasons has won the title after winning a single point or less in their first two games. So in that sense, purely statistically, Chelsea have a slim chance of retaining their crown. They have one point from two games. In fact the only […]

  • Where the money went: Chelsea top Premier League cash table with £99m prize

    By Sportingintelligence 2 June 2015 Chelsea’s Premier League title success has also lifted them to the top of the prize money table for 2014-15, with official figures released today showing they will pocket £98,999,554 from central funds alone. The money comes primarily from the PL’s huge TV deals but also includes Chelsea’s share of the league’s central commercial income. Manchester City were the second […]

  • From Chelsea to Arsenal via Tottenham: best season, worst and bang average

    By Brian Sears 27 November 2014 Chelsea’s storming start in the Premier League is their best ever start in the 23 seasons of England’s revamped top division. With 32 points from their first 12 games, they are a point ahead of their previous best-ever tally at this stage – and more than nine points clear […]

  • Chelsea’s 10 unbeaten games keeps them on Invincibles course ….

    By Brian Sears 7 November 2014 The 2014-15 Chelsea vintage are the 17th side to get into double figures of undefeated games at the start of a Premier League season but how long will they go unbeaten? Fourteen of their 16 predecessors did not get beyond 15 unbeaten games, although famously, 11 years ago, Arsenal set the […]

  • Arsenal’s weakness at top-five rivals makes for daunting Chelsea challenge

    By Brian Sears 3 October 2014 Arsenal’s away record against other ‘top’ Premier League teams has become a source of major concern in recent seasons. For the purposes of this article, ‘top’ is defined as any club that has finished in the top five in any given season. And the Gunners really have been woeful […]

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