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FootballNewsWest Ham fans call on club to hold independent poll on stadium move

West Ham fans call on club to hold independent poll on stadium move


By Sportingintelligence

25 October 2011

A diverse group of West Ham fans, split on whether the club should leave Upton Park, have launched a campaign to encourage the club’s owners to consult season ticket holders on any move.

The campaign website is linked here, and the organisers have made a written request to the owners for an independently audited ballot of season ticket holders and members. They want this to happen before any new bid is made to move from Upton Park to the Olympic stadium in Stratford.

The campaign was set up in the wake of the announcement by the OPLC on 11 of October that West Ham United and Newham council’s joint bid to move to the new stadium had been unsuccessful, and that a new bidding process was to take place.

A spokesman says: ‘When Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan took over our club, a key pledge made was to consult with the fans. We appreciate that the club remains in financial difficulties, we respect the fact that they have invested their own money and that any financial decision rests with them.

‘However, we ask that the pledge to consult is honoured by way of polling before bidding. We await a positive response from the club.’


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