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For more information on the background to the formation of this site, as well as links to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy, go to the About Us section


This site map is a brief guide to different sections, with short cuts until you find your way around



Rolling your cursor across the News tab on the main menu bar above will give you a drop-down menu of specific sports. Clicking on any particular sport will take you to an archive of news for that sport. Clicking on ‘All’ or on the word ‘News’ will take you to a mixed archive.

As a general rule, stories in this section will feature original content and breaking stories by sportingintelligence writers, as opposed to a regurgitation of stories from other sources. We may well cite other sources to save time repeating information already in the public domain but if we’re not telling you something first, or adding value somewhere in the pieces in the News section (which are all in the Latest Stories column on the far left of the home page), they shouldn’t be there.



Quick Links are on the home page, in the far right column, and take you to stories from elsewhere, themed round-ups with links, and/or quirky items from the international media.



Our features section has six sub-sections and you can read a brief description of each of them by clicking on the word Features on the main menu bar.

The A-Listers offers snapshots of the sporting world in the form of extended, annotated lists of the fastest and fittest, the biggest and best, the richest and most successful, the most popular, the most packed, the most watched, the most enduring. And a few of the opposite for good measure.

Super statto: Sears brings you the work of our brilliant resident statistician, Brian Sears, a man who has forgotten more football stats than most people will ever know. Think John Motson on a keen day, in a three-layered anorak. Brian is a lifelong Watford fan, yet still loves football: true devotion. He won’t tell you who made 12 assists and completed 76 per cent of their passes (yawn), but during the last English football season (2009-10) he foretold the 50-year record high crowds the League was heading for (long before that came to pass), suggested Arsenal’s brief title charge when they were still well off the pace, and pointed out the 100th Premier League scalps in the FA Cup were Liverpool, also the most scalped team since 1993.
Blast from the past brings you sports history.
Spot the ball park is a visual teaser.
Melting pot is where we’ll be putting interviews, guest columnists, investigative work, miscellanea and all manner of tomfoolery.
We’ll promote a regular exchange of ideas on topical themes. Contribute via Facebook and Twitter, via our LinkedIn group, and even just via the old-fashioned web (dinosaurs).
We’ve got big names and little names, seasoned journalists and up-n-coming writers; we’ve got people who play sport, coach sport, watch sport, or just enjoy sport. Our line-up is also expanding by the week. Click here to see our columnists’ profiles.
The sportingintelligence sports salaries database allows you to compare first-team average pay at major clubs in major sports around the world on a like for like basis, and see how pay and performance are related in different sporting arenas.
Our business intelligence section has sub-sections that include an interactive global sports calendar, the latest seasonal attendance figures for all the biggest domestic sports leagues in the world, and a starter’s guide to the finances of England’s Premier League football clubs.
The Major Events section is an archive of stories relating to the biggest global festivals of sport, namely the World Cup and Olympics and international championships (and bids to stage them), while TV / Media is an archive of stories relating to those areas.
Clicking on the Law tab above takes you to current sports law stories, which will be added to over time, whereas clicking on the drop-down option, Law Archive, will take you to a potted history of major sports law cases, also to be expanded over time.
Clicking on the Academia tab above takes you to current sports academia stories, which will be added to over time, whereas clicking on the drop-down option, Academic Archive, will take you to a potted history of sports academia, to be expanded over time.
Our review has four sub-sections and essentially recommends things we like, including sports books, visuals including DVDs, YouTube clips and other website footage, Tweets from sports-related folk on Twitter, and websites. Our Photos section is a section of, erm, photos.
We’re always on the lookout for submissions for all sections and you can email those to
You can contact the website editor, Nick Harris, directly at
Thanks for reading.

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