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Spot the ball park: 13


30 April 2010

Can you identify the sporting arena? We take an aerial view of a topical ball park, football stadium, marathon course, golf course, Games venue, race track, iconic arena, athletic theatre (some literally theatres), pitch, park, stretch of water or wherever else sport takes place. And we ask you to identify it with the help of a cryptic clue… For older STBPs, click here



Clue: This ain’t no Arthur Miller thing, not this weekend at least.

What’s the venue? And the city? How could this (long) weekend see a first? And with regards to 25, who wagged at who?

Answers in the comment box, please. The winner receives a cushion (of the metaphorical kind, suitable for resting head or rolling along).




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  • big d:

    the crucible theatre sheffield the first qualifier to make it to the final dennis taylor wagged at steve davis 25 years ago

  • admin:

    Correct on: Crucible, Sheffield, Taylor.

    Not there yet on: first what? and Davis …

  • Lucie P.:

    Late to the party, but:

    He wagged a finger atthe audience, didn’t he?

    And of course we now do have the first ever Australian winner at the crucible.


  • admin:

    The answer to first what was indeed first Aussie at the Crucible.

    But DT wasn’t wagging his finger at the crowd in general. He was wagging at a specific person; one further (obscure) clue: Tiswas

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