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Quick_newsDosh, doping, transfers, a hoaxer, Wenger, whistle-blowers and more: the most-read stories of 2013

Dosh, doping, transfers, a hoaxer, Wenger, whistle-blowers and more: the most-read stories of 2013


By Sportingintelligence

24 December 2013

As the holiday season gets underway and the countdown to 2014 begins, here are the most-read articles on Sportingintelligence in 2013.

Thanks for reading.

1:  REVEALED: Manchester City rise to top of global pay charts, Dodgers soar to challenge (11 June) (Download PDF resources read offline, via here)

2:  From Man Utd at £1bn to Wigan at £43m: what’s your club REALLY worth? (25 March)

3:  REVEALED: Qatar hoaxer – a cautionary tale of delusion, fantasy and lucre (DFL) (25 March) (Download PDF to read offline, via here)

4:  From £200m Messi to £20m Lukaku: Europe’s 60 most valuable players this summer (17 June) (Download related spreadsheet, via here)

5:  Where the money went: Premier League prize and TV payments for 2012-13 (21 May)

6:  Since Arsenal last won silverware: 23 ex-Gunners win 56 major trophies … and counting (13 May)

7:  Manchester United win 20th English title to close gap on Liverpool trophy record (22 April)

8: Arsene Wenger – what is he good for? (24 October)  (Download PDF to read offline, via here)

9: Nationality maps for football leagues 2013-14 (12 August)

10: Premier League shirt sponsors pour record £166m into top-flight bank accounts (20 August)

11: EXCLUSIVE: The 37 English professional football clubs offering zero pay for real jobs (24 May)

12: Number-crunched: Premier League summer transfers by club, country, age and position (9 September) (Download PDF resources read offline, via here)

13:  NFL remains by far the best attended domestic sports league in the world (4 January)

14:  Tell me why … the English football authorities keep buck-passing the Blackburn farce (30 April)

15:  Fixing, doping, whistle-blowing: secrets that tennis prefers not to discuss (24 June)

16: REVEALED: the scale of Bradford’s cup triumph in global football context (23 January)

17: Manchester United kings of social media as well as the Premier League (16 April)

18: Fans march on Premier League HQ over ticket prices as 2013-14 fixtures released (19 June)

19: Tell me why … the real scandal of Di Canio’s appointment has been obscured by talk of Mussolini and fascism (8 April)

20: Tell me why … society demands black and white when real life is 50 shades of grey (18 March)

21: REVEALED: Asia driving boom as Premier League foreign TV cash hits £2.23bn (9 September)

22: Takeovers, triumphs and Hansen’s first column: why the end of a Liverpool institution is a dark day for journalism (22 December)

23: NEW RESEARCH: Foreign players at record levels across European football (21 January)

24: Pedigree, cash, managers, analytics: and why 2013-14 predictions are a 58m-1 shot (15 August)

25: As Mayweather prepares for Canelo: the lessons and perils of boxing’s lethal secret (24 June)



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