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  • Cardiff’s nostalgics to be left feeling blue?

    By Brian Sears 10 February 2010 Omens, omens. The last time Chelsea and Cardiff met in an FA Cup match (in 1927), we all know what else happened that year. That’s right. Saudi Arabia became independent of the United Kingdom. (And Cardiff went on to win the Cup). If you’re interested in such ephemera and […]

  • Saints’ Super Bowl win beats 1983 M.A.S.H finale record

    By Nick Harris 8 February 2010 The New Orleans Saints’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts in last night’s Super Bowl in Miami was the most-watched TV show in American history, beating the 27-year-old ratings record set by the final edition of M.A.S.H in 1983. Figures just released show that yesterday’s game attracted 106.7m viewers in […]

  • Calendar

    2010: what happened then . January . 10 FOOTBALL Africa Cup of Nations (to 31), Angola. Winners: Egypt (Story 1) (2) (3) 18 TENNIS Australian Open (to 31), Melbourne Park, Melbourne. Winners: R Federer / S Williams (Story 1) (2) (3) (4) . February . 7 N.F .L Super Bowl XLIV, Sun Life Stadium, Miami. Winners: New […]

  • Wenger can aspire to a glorious Spring run-in

    By Brian Sears 15 January 2010 If the second half of this season is as good for Arsenal as the second half of last season, they’ll win the title. That’s the hope that Arsene Wenger will be nurturing into the Spring, and we can paint a statistical scenario where it might just happen. Here’s how […]

  • Sol has work to finish at Arsenal before wedding

    By Andy Cole 14 January 2010 I’m not surprised that a contract for Sol Campbell at Arsenal is imminent because Arsène Wenger knows better than anyone that Sol still has something to offer in the Premier League. Wenger will be aware what shape Sol is in because he has been training there for a few […]

  • Books

    . Every book featured in this section is included on the personal recommendation of a member of sportingintelligence‘s panel of writers and authors, to be expanded over time. Our “We say” reviewers have included only those books they count among their personal favourites and would actively encourage others to read as outstanding. A full list […]

  • Rival bidders eye control of West Ham “within weeks”

    By Nick Harris 10 January 2010 West Ham’s Icelandic owners look likely to sell the club before the end of January, with at least two rival bidders “at an advanced stage of the due diligence process”, according to a source familiar with the situation. The source added that “negotiations are ongoing with more than one […]

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