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FootballNewsWhy Everton should relish the visit of Grant’s generous West Ham

Why Everton should relish the visit of Grant’s generous West Ham


By Brian Sears

21 January 2011

Everton prepare to host West Ham on Saturday knowing the Hammers bottom of the table with one measly away win this season. But more than that, the London side have provided more points for Everton than any other opponents in the history of the Premier League. (See table below for full details).

Everton’s point from last weekend’s Merseyside derby was their 950th point in 718 Premier League matches since the top division was revamped in 1992-93.  They are the seventh club (all the ever-present clubs) to have reached the 950-point milestone. They have gained their points from 43 opponents over 19 years, and West Ham have been the most generous opponents, handing them 57 points from 31 games to date at 1.84 points per game on average.

No other club has given Everton more points in total although Wigan of the other current clubs have given them more per game (1.91, or 21 points in 11 games), and several former clubs have beaten even that. Poor sorry Watford – my own team, I hasten to add – lost all four of four Premier League meetings with Everton.

The complete records are below.


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