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FootballNewsLampard: ‘Chelsea gave Villa a kick in the bum . . . now we can win Double’

Lampard: ‘Chelsea gave Villa a kick in the bum . . . now we can win Double’


By Pete Wilson

9 April

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard has spoken about how gratifying it was to thrash Aston Villa 7-1 in the Premier League recently, calling the result a “kick up the bum” for Martin O’Neill’s side ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup semi-final between the two clubs.

In a message that is sure to bolster the determination of Villa’s players to avoid a repeat humiliation, the 31-year-old England midfielder adds that Chelsea will try to recreate the recent score line at Wembley, and then attempt a Premier League and FA Cup Double that has remained elusive for Chelsea despite Roman Abramovich’s billions.

“It was a good feeling to beat them like that,” Lampard says of the 7-1, in an exclusive interview for MOTD Xtra – Match of the Day magazine’s weekly podcast. “It’s going to be a kick up the bum for them and they are going to want to address that. It will certainly put them on their toes. It is by no means certain that we’ll just roll them over again, it will be a tough game.

“These games are one-off occasions. If you turn up a bit sleepy or off the pace a team like Villa are going to beat you.”

On the prospect of the Double, Lampard adds: “It would be huge. As a club we haven’t done that. At the end of a very long season we’re in a situation where we can do this. It’s a great position to be in. Certain times of the season have been difficult but we have to remember we are still in there with that opportunity.”


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