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What on earth do marketing men see in the gorgeous synchro star Jenna Randall?


By Sportingintelligence

3 May 2012

A question recently mooted in these pages concerned the marketability of attractive young British sportswomen in Olympic year (details and photos here).

This in turn led to Sportingintelligence contributor Alex Miller quantifying in cash terms what it means in a feature for the Mail on Sunday (link here). The answer is a lot of money.

By way of follow-up, and to promote the exceptional work of aquatic photography specialist Simon Wright, below is the latest example of pin-up Olympian and big business combining: synchro star and Aquabatix performer Jenna Randall and Kellogg’s.


Galleries of Simon’s work across British aquatics at all levels can be found at this link.  And on Sportingintelligence here.


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