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  • ‘The only people who propose a sensible, long-term vision for Portsmouth football club are its supporters, local business and the local authority’

    By Micah Hall 26 August 2012 The long saga of Portsmouth football club’s turbulent ownership drama is set to reach a climactic denouement this week, as administrator Trevor Birch chooses between bids from former owner Balram Chainrai and the Pompey Supporters’ Trust. If the Trust succeeds in taking control of their long-suffering club, it will […]

  • Supporters Direct chief welcomes manifesto pledges, praises MUST

    By Nick Harris 13 April 2010 Dave Boyle, the chief executive of Supporters Direct, the organisation that works with football fans’ groups to help them acquire shares and influence at their clubs, has today welcome the unprecedented inclusion in the Labour and Conservative election manifesto documents of proposals on supporter ownership. Writing for sportingintelligence today […]

  • Opportunity from uncertainty: inventing the future of football

    By Tim Walters 22 April 2020 In the midst of our global pandemic, the football world finds itself entangled in a vast and intricate Gordian knot of scheduling logjams, contractual obligations, and financial relationships from which there appears to be no clear way to proceed. Understandably, the rush is to get football and the football […]

  • Bob Latchford and me: a boy’s own tale Read more >

    Bob Latchford and me: a boy’s own tale

    . Norwegian sports writer Andreas Selliaas grew up in a village south of Oslo in the 1970s, watching English football from afar and playing make believe in the street. His friends would quarrel over who would be Kevin Keegan and who would be Kenny Dalglish. Selliaas wanted to be neither. He wanted to be Bob […]

  • Inventing football’s future: A 10-point plan to revolutionise FIFA

    By Tim Walters 7 March 2016 The recent election of Gianni Infantino and adoption of a package of minor reforms has done little to reassure those who closely follow FIFA that football’s international governing body is about to fundamentally change its ways. Indeed, much about Infantino himself gives ample cause for concern that this is […]

  • From fairytale to tragedy: the betrayal of a Bahraini dream

    By James Montague 24 February 2016 They were a penalty kick away from one of the greatest fairytales in sport. Bahrain, a tiny island kingdom in the Persian Gulf, had made it through to the inter-continental play-off, against New Zealand, for a spot at the 2010 World Cup finals. Despite their size – qualification would […]

  • FIFA 2016 RACE CANDIDATE Q&A: Gianni Infantino

    Part of Sportingintelligence’s guide to the 2016 FIFA presidential election: HOME PAGE here. . Gianni Infantino: (just) streets apart from the man he seeks to replace By James Corbett 18 February 2016 If Sepp Blatter’s defining legacy of a 40-year long FIFA career will be as the individual who truly globalised football, the central irony of his […]


    Part of Sportingintelligence’s guide to the 2016 FIFA presidential election: HOME PAGE here . How the manifesto promises compare NB: an earlier version of manifesto comparisons is here; before all candidates were confirmed . By Bonita Mersiades 1 February 2016 With less than four weeks to go until Election Day, all candidates have now issued or updated […]


    Part of Sportingintelligence’s guide to the 2016 FIFA presidential election: HOME PAGE here. . Will the real Prince Ali please stand up? By James Corbett 15 January 2016 When I caught up with Prince Ali Bin Hussein at the launch of his 2016 FIFA presidential manifesto in London last week, it was a day short of […]

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