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Quick_newsLionel Messi’s 234 goals for Barcelona – all in one video

Lionel Messi’s 234 goals for Barcelona – all in one video


By Sportingintelligence 

21 March 2012

Lionel Messi scored his 232nd, 233rd and 234th goals for Barcelona last night, making him the club’s all-time top scorer in official matches.

For a COMPREHENSIVE statistical analysis, click here. (Breakdown of goals by foot, opponent etcetera). 

Four other players have scored more for Barca including in friendlies: Paulino Alcántara (369 goals); Josep Samitier (326); César Rodríguez (294); and Ladislao Kubala (274).

These stats are official club data (linked document was produced when Messi was only on 140 goals).

But the goals scored by Messi, 24, in 314 games for Barca, have all been in competitive matches, and his 234 overtakes the previous record of 232 in official games by Cesar.

The video below contains ALL 234 of Messi’s goals.

NB: If the video ceases to work as copyright owners remove it from YouTube’s database, trying clicking here for other options.



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