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Quick_newsGordon Strachan on leaving Celtic, the media, and his love of coaching

Gordon Strachan on leaving Celtic, the media, and his love of coaching


22 August 2010

Middlesbrough’s manager, Gordon Strachan, formerly of Celtic, Southampton and Coventry, has given an interesting interview today to the Independent on Sunday, which explores, among other things, his relationship with the media and why he left Celtic. (“It was simply the right thing to do, for the club and myself.”)

He also talks about why he has a problem with some (a small minority) of journalists.

“I can sit in a press conference with 30 people and there’ll be two or three who one way or another just shouldn’t be in that room and I think that was particularly the case at Celtic. It took me 35 years of being involved at a decent level of football to become manager at a great club like Celtic.

“A reporter has been making jingles at a certain radio station one week, and the next is asking me questions about football which I felt were disrespectful to me, given how long I’ve worked in the game. Just because you’re a former morning disc jockey doesn’t mean you can be in the same room as me and ask me football questions.”

The whole interview, linked here, is well worth a read.


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