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Quick_newsThe menace of football hooliganism; it never went away

The menace of football hooliganism; it never went away


22 August 2010

Jamie Jackson in today’s Observer has written an absolute corker of an article about English football’s enduring hooligan problem. It’s well established that high-profile trouble is now infrequent, and incidents involving serious violence within grounds are few and far between.

But Jackson’s terrific piece, available in full at this link, really gets under the skin of the issue, talking to the police who handle the problem of “risk supporters” as they’re known. Highly recommend.

The intro reads: “They hunt in packs, fuelled by cocaine, hooked on violence and occasionally wielding chains. Some are as old as 65. They use mobile phones and the internet to arrange showdowns with rival “firms” at agreed locations away from prying CCTV cameras and police surveillance. This is the profile of the 21st-century football hooligan, a breed of “fan” who, although decreasing in numbers and visibility, is recognised by the football authorities and police as never having gone away.”


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