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FootballNewsWolves shirt deal for 2010-11 worth £1.1m, up £200,000 on last season

Wolves shirt deal for 2010-11 worth £1.1m, up £200,000 on last season


By Nick Harris

13 August 2010

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ main shirt sponsorship for the 2010-11 Premier League season with the online gambling firm Sportingbet is worth £1.1m to the club, a year-on-year rise of £200,000 from last season’s £900,000, the club’s head of marketing and communications, Matt Grayson, has informed sportingintelligence today.

In an article about the value of top-flight shirt deals for 2010-11, published on 29 July, here, we originally reported that Wolves deal was worth £400,000 for the coming season, and the same last season. Mr Grayson contacted us for the first time at shortly before 1pm today to say that earlier reported figure was far too low and that Wolves had earned more than £400,000 per year from their shirt deal even while still in the Championship.

We are happy to make a swift correction, and welcome Wolves’ willingness to share this information.

The amended figures for Wolves puts the total shirt deal income for the League’s clubs in 2010-11 over the £100m mark, rather than just below it, evidence of the health of the world’s most popular football league even as recession continues to bite many sectors of business and industry.


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