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FootballNewsSoS plan for anti-owner protest as Liverpool get ready to unveil Roy Hodgson

SoS plan for anti-owner protest as Liverpool get ready to unveil Roy Hodgson


By Nick Harris

30 June 2010

As Liverpool prepare for the official unveiling of Roy Hodgson as their new manager, the Spirit of Shankly fans group is calling on supporters to join a demonstration on Sunday (4 July, Independence Day), to “declare your independence” from the club’s American owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

SoS is calling on fans from around the world to print out an anti-Hicks and Gillett poster and take photographs of themselves at locations around the world. The pictures will be posted on the SoS website.  The US owners are held responsible for Liverpool’s meltdown, on and off the pitch, after making a string of promises about investment and a new stadium that they have failed to keep.

James Mckenna, spokesperson for SoS, said: “Spirit Of Shankly will be declaring their independence from Tom and George on the 4 July at St. George’s Hall Plateau in Liverpool. Here is a chance for all fans across the world to join us in declaring their independence and saying Tom and George are Not Welcome Anywhere.”

“We urge all those who can to attend the rally. But those who can’t, you still have a voice and you can still speak out and make it known that this is our club, not theirs!”

An SoS statement adds: “Do you want to tell them that they are not welcome anywhere? We will be declaring our independence from Tom and George on 4 July , but for those that can’t make it or even those who can, we want you to send out that message further, that it is not just those in Anfield or Liverpool that want Tom and George out, but many fans from right across the world.

“With a global fan base and many fans off on their summer holidays, let us show Tom and George that all of us want to shout out the words ‘Tom and George – Not Welcome Anywhere.’

“Be it in Anfield, America or Australia; in front of a famous landmark, down at the supporters club or just at home. Take this chance to spread the message throughout the world, that they aren’t welcome.

“All you need to do is print out the pdf and take a picture of it with yourself, your family, friends or your supporters’ club where you live or where you are on holiday this summer. Please then send the picture to and we will upload it to a gallery on our website. All pictures will be displayed in our gallery.”

Examples of photos already uploaded are below.


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