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Spot the ball park: No2


16 January 2010

Can you identify the sporting arena? We take an aerial view of a ball park, football stadium, marathon course, golf course, Games venue, race track, iconic arena, athletic theatre (some literally theatres), pitch, park, stretch of water or wherever else sport takes place. And we ask you to identify it with the help of a cryptic clue…


Clue: It’s not the place where the balls are red and seamed, cobber.

Which city? And what is the venue in question?

Answers in the comment box, please. The winner receives a hearty guffaw (in their own time).


  • Tennis geek:

    Melbourne Park ??!!

  • admin:

    Tennis geek, you are correct.

    Have a hearty guffaw (in your own time).

  • Lachlan:

    Admin you need to be a little more specific there as there are about 5 sporting venues in there. Sure one is Rod Laver Arena, but there is also the MCG (could be a white seamed ball at that time, Olympic Park, Hi Sense Arena and Etihad Stadium. It looks like quite an old picture too as now there would be 6 arenas, with the 6th not yet in operation.

  • admin:

    Lachlan, the rationale behind STBPs is the venues will be topical; and this one appeared to coincide with the Australian Open.
    We’re more explicit now in saying ‘topical’ in the intros . . .

  • Lachlan:

    Fair enough Admin,judging by the picture it looks like there is some of the synthetic running track on the MCG so I am guessing the photo is from early 2006.

    I also forgot in the near vicinity there is part of a marathon course (2006 Commonwealth Games) some water skiiing on the yarra, and a Grand Prix race track too (though it is just out of the actual shot, you could move the camera up on the shot to put the “iconic” M.C.G. nearer to the bottom where you would also have Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre inside or immediately next to the GP track M.S.A.C. hosted a lot of Comm Games events and also the recent World Swimming Championships. I am sure I have missed a few things out too.

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