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Quick_newsPremier League – the global game. An A-Z of how the world watches English football

Premier League – the global game. An A-Z of how the world watches English football




England’s Premier League is by far the nation’s most successful sporting export, watched live each week in more than 200 countries, and earning from foreign TV rights alone £1.437bn for the current three-year overseas deals (or £479m a year) as reported by sportingintelligence last year here and here.

But who exactly watches? And where? Why? How much?

Over the coming months, we aim to find out, and views from around the world will be indexed here by country, both A-Z and continent by continent.

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Australia.  Azerbaijan. BrazilCanada. ChinaCzech Republic.  India. (More India). Israel. Kenya. MalaysiaMalta.  Montenegro. New ZealandNigeriaPakistanSerbia.  Sweden. The United Arab Emirates (Dubai)The USA.



Czech Republic. MaltaMontenegro.  Serbia.  Sweden.





Middle East / North Africa

Israel. The United Arab Emirates (Dubai).



ChinaIndia. (And more India). MalaysiaPakistan.


Africa (sub-Saharan)

Kenya. Nigeria.


Australasia / Pacific

AustraliaNew Zealand.


North and Central America

The USA. Canada.


South America






This feature will be updated on a regular basis. Sportingintelligence invites readers who watch the Premier League overseas to send your own experiences to, answering the questions posed above, and including a JPEG of yourself. We cannot guarantee to use all submissions (although if we’ve not had one from your country it’s almost certain we will) and we’ll be appealing via Twitter from time to time for viewers from specific nations.




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