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FootballNewsTop of the league: Leeds and Arsenal ticket prices

Top of the league: Leeds and Arsenal ticket prices


By Sportingintelligence

24 August 2011

Any Leeds United fans still upset at their club’s owner, Ken Bates, for calling protestors ‘morons’ last week, won’t be cheered by new research that shows their club has the highest ticket prices in the Championship.

As the table below shows, the cheapest regular adult season ticket at Elland Road in 2011-12 costs £612 – which makes watching Leeds also more expensive than every club in the Premier League except four.

Only Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham have higher priced ‘entry level’ season tickets in England than Leeds.

Back in the Championship, Southampton, West Ham and Portsmouth have the next most expensive ‘cheapest’ season tickets after Leeds. Full details in the table below.

The research into ticket prices in the top two division was carried out by the award-winning fanzine, The Square Ball, and TSB offered it to sportingintelligence for publication.

TSB picked up the Football Supporters’ Federation Fanzine of the Year Award last month, and TSB bloggers can be read here.

The discovery that Arsenal have the highest priced tickets in the Premier League is not a shock. Sportingintelligence’s own study of ticket prices a year ago highlighted that, while Arsenal infamously began to sell the first £100 ‘normal’ match ticket in English football history earlier this year.

As the table below also shows, however, the cheapest season tickets at Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham are only now available via a waiting list, which highlights demand.

Blackburn have the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League at £225, which is cheaper than the cheapest season tickets in the Championship. (Insert own joke about planning ahead).

Notes on methodology: The prices for the cheapest season ticket are for an adult outside family areas. This is because a lot of clubs don’t allow adults to buy season tickets in their family areas without children. The ‘most expensive adult season ticket’ is for non-corporate/hospitality areas.

The info in the table below has been ‘info-graphic-ed in the latest issue of the TSB fanzine. Best viewed after taking hallucinogens.


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