SURVEY: Liverpool’s 7% ticket price hike means only Arsenal’s prices higher

By Nick Harris

9 June 2010

Liverpool have hiked prices of season tickets by seven per cent, meaning the lowest cost of a standard adult season ticket at Anfield for the 2010-11 season is £680, and it is only that low if booked via the internet.

An adult ticket in the main stand is £732 and the costliest ticket costs £785 (the same seat bought at a later date).

Liverpool fans are sure to be furious, not least as there is already a groundswell of anti-owner feeling against the Americans Tom Hicks and George Gillett, who have put Liverpool up for sale after saddling the club with massive debts and failing to deliver on promises including a new stadium.

A club spokesman said “prices remain extraordinarily competitive, particularly compared with other clubs in the top half of the table”, but a sportingintelligence survey today of all 20 clubs in next season’s Premier League shows this isn’t the case.

Liverpool’s lowest-priced adult season ticket is more expensive than the lowest option at any club except Arsenal, where the lowest price is £893. Liverpool finished seventh in the league last season.

Our table below shows basic “as advertised” pricing of season tickets, as available today, for next season.

There are variations on what fans receive for their money, for example Arsenal’s price covers 26 games for next season (£34 per game), whereas most season tickets cover 19 Premier League games.

If fans or clubs themselves would like to email us with specific details, outlining how these prices are better or worse than they seem, please do so by clicking this link, or posting in the comments box, and we will amend and update this story as new information comes in.


Fan / club feedback (to be continuously updated, and please also see comments box)

  • Arsenal’s prices include 19 Premier League games and seven other home games, including Champions League
  • Liverpool’s price of £680 is applicable to 25 June. Costliest ticket of £785 is after 25 June (£732 before). Thanks to Gary D.
  • Many Wolves fans benefitted from ‘early bird’ prices, for example £370 for a ticket (not on offer now). See comment from Paul below.
  • more to follow . . . (if, as, and when submitted)


Manchester United fans, for example, justifiably point out that their season tickets, costing as low as £513 per game, actually cost more because purchase of a season ticket includes mandatory purchase of cup match tickets. This has typically inflated outlay by 10 extra tickets per season in recent campaigns, albeit for extra games.

After Arsenal and Liverpool, Tottenham and West Ham have the next most expensive “entry level” prices, followed by Chelsea, and then, somewhat surprisingly, Wolves, ahead of Manchester United.

At the other end, the cheapest standard adult season ticket in the Premier League next season can be had at Blackburn (£224 including mandatory charges related to payment method), and then Wigan (£250).


More on Hicks & Gillett / Liverpool

Sportingintelligence home page


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12 Responses to “SURVEY: Liverpool’s 7% ticket price hike means only Arsenal’s prices higher”

  1. Paul says:

    Arsenal’s season are for 19 home games and 7 home cup ties……This needs to be published in the report as many Premiership teams do not include cup games in their season tickets.

  2. Dan says:

    In all fairness, Arsenal’s season ticket includes 6 or 7 champions league games for free which adds up to as much as £400. Other clubs like chelsea don’t include free cup games on the ticket.

    This doesn’t excuse Arsenal’s prices but I think should be noted in an article like this.

  3. DGreen says:

    you say the most expensive season ticket at arsenal is 1825 yet club level seats can be twice this. You get some drinks thrown in but it’s still just a seat in the stadium

  4. Ralph says:

    As you admit in the article that some clubs (such as Arsenal) give 26 rather than 19 games wouldn’t a more correct table show the cost per game rather than overall cost otherwise you’re listing in effect penalises clubs that give more for the money.

    [REPLY from NH]: Feel free to contribute that information Ralph, and I will update it within this piece. It takes long enough trying to get basic details from clubs . . .

  5. James says:

    If you are in your reply to Ralph admitting that you are publishing i your report incorrect and unverified information that we have all seen published before in this erroneous manner , why is your site called sporting INTELLIGENCE?

    [REPLY]: Hello James, thanks for reading.
    I think you have misunderstood my reply to Ralph, so let me explain clearly.
    The season ticket prices in the table accompanying this feature are ALL correct, EXACTLY as stated, CORRECT and VERIFIED, today, according to the official club sources directly, mostly websites and ticket offices that provided the info. I hope that’s clear.
    My point to Ralph was this: most clubs include ONLY 19 Premier League games within the price. Others, like Arsenal, include some cup games too. Not all the clubs provide that breakdown. If and when they do, I will carry it, IN ADDITION to the correct information already published.
    Hope that clears things up.

  6. unbeaten49games says:

    I think its a great price considering with all those cup games thrown in.

  7. RedNProud says:

    The title is a bit mis-leading as it refers only to the cheapest tickets, if you rank the clubs by the most expensive tickets Liverpool is 9th. If you also look at the difference between the cheapest and most expensive tickets and the average price of season tickets for each club, Liverpool lies 15th and 4th respectively.

    You can then average out the rankings of each club as below:

    Rank Team Average Rank

    1 Arsenal 1.00
    2 Chelsea 3.00
    3 Spurs 3.25
    4 Man United 6.00
    5 West Ham 6.50
    6 Liverpool 7.50
    7 Newcastle 8.00
    8 Fulham 8.25
    9 Sunderland 8.50
    10 Everton 10.25
    11 Wolves 10.25
    12 Stoke 11.25
    13 Birmingham 12.75
    14 Man City 13.75
    15 Villa 14.25
    16 West Brom 14.50
    17 Blackpool 16.25
    18 Bolton 17.50
    19 Blackburn 17.75
    20 Wigan 19.50

    Further analysis for cost per game, additional costs and included benifits could also be undertaken.

  8. RedNProud says:

    I know that Liverpool has a waiting list of 10+ years, as I am approximately 80,000th on the waiting list.

  9. admin says:

    [Reply from editor]: Thanks for the input, RedNProud,
    Of course further analysis could be undertaken: feel free, anybody, to do such analysis!
    The aim of this table in response to Liverpool’s price hike today was to ask the question: “What is the price of a season ticket at each club?”
    That’s what our main table shows: it’s a fact that the cheapest place to buy a season ticket is Blackburn then Wigan, and the most expensive place to “get on the season ticket ladder” is Arsenal, whatever you get for your money.
    Thanks for reading and contributing this interesting interpretation too.

  10. Paul says:

    The price for Wolves is very misleading – the majority of Wolves season-ticket holders renew their tickets under our ‘Early Bird’ system, which means if you pay for your ticket before a deadline in March you get a very much reduced price. I paid £370 for mine, for example.

    That would put us well below mid-table….

  11. admin says:

    [REPLY to Paul]: Thanks for the feedback, will add to comments in red in the main piece.
    The prices in the table are tickets available yesterday: and those were the prices on offer.

  12. Paul says:

    Something like 14,500 of Wolves’ season tickets are bought on the Early Bird system. That’s more than 2/3 of the tickets. We’ve often speculated that they actually put the ‘current’ prices UP to encourage more Early Bird buys.

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