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  • Henin: ‘When Federer won his missing Slam, the spark in my heart came back’

    ALEXANDRA WILLIS is the Deputy Editor of ACE Tennis Magazine, and alongside mag work and an affair with social media, has the dubious honour of following British players to Grand Slam qualifying from time to time as part of her professional duties. If you happen to bump into her court-side, she’ll probably tell you that she went […]

  • Premier League debt falls £1.1bn … not that you’ll hear about it

    By Nick Harris 28 February 2010 The combined debts of the Premier League’s clubs have fallen by £1.1bn in the past two years, although you wouldn’t know it from reading this in The Guardian, or this in The Independent, or this in The Times, or this in The Telegraph – Britain’s four major “quality” newspapers […]

  • Sport in 3D is not the final hi-tech frontier

    By Nick Harris 7 February 2010 Over two consecutive weekends, a major sports event in Britain has been central to a landmark 3D broadcast. A week ago it was Arsenal’s Premier League match against Manchester United, which became the world’s first sports event to be shown live on television in 3D to the general public. […]

  • Don’t bet on it: sports events in the spotlight

    By Nick Harris 1 February 2010 A UK government report into sports-related betting corruption in Britain, published today, recommends the formation of a pan-sport integrity unit to gather intelligence on suspicious cases and co-ordinate the response.  It is generally accepted that Britain does not have a widespread problem with betting-related corruption but it has been […]

  • Murray needs to hurry in the race for Slams

    By Nick Harris 14 January 2010 Andy Murray is 22, and turns 23 in May 2010. If he has aspirations to be a multiple Grand Slam winner, then history suggest he needs to get a move on. Below is a list of the 31 different men who have won men’s Slam singles titles since 1984.  The […]

  • Messi was king of ’09 but Becks bestrode the decade

    By Andy Cole 31 December 2009 The middle of the most remarkable Premier League season we’ve ever had is as good a time as any to reflect on a great 2009, and a defining decade for England’s top division. Not that England’s top division has a monopoly on magnificent talent, which leads me nicely to […]

  • Tom Daley: My amazing 2009, Rage and all . . .

    By Nick Harris 23 December Like many teenagers, Tom Daley cites The X Factor as his favourite TV show. Every weekend he followed Jedward, Olly, Stacey and Co, and fully expected this year’s winner, Joe McElderry, to bag the Christmas No 1. Daley hadn’t even heard of Rage Against The Machine until a fortnight ago, […]

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