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Quick_newsObama endorses football as THE sport

Obama endorses football as THE sport


6 March 2010

Michelle Obama, wife of the American president Barack, has again talked publicly about what a great game football (soccer) is. Unlike multiple politicians before her, she’s not claiming an affinity with a particular team to score electoral points. She’s just emphasising that footie is a good sport to pursue for fitness.

If this is a boost for the beautiful game, then evidence for that comes in the fact that she’s attracted Everyman attention, including but not limited to The Sun, The New York Post, and ABC News, among  hundreds of articles published worldwide.

The New York mag website takes the biscuit for its coverage not for its Obama article but for the Cristiano Ronaldo adverts that accompany it, which you may or may not see, depending when you drop in, and where. If there are no ads when you’re viewing, what you’re missing is CR in various stages of undress down to his underwear. Extraordinary. Especially the lighting, which is, to say the least, imaginative.

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