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  • Team GB: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

    By Sportingintelligence 13 August 2012 Selected stars of Great Britain’s 2012 Olympic team have made a video to accompany a soundtrack of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. Here it is below, featuring, among others, David Beckham (shoe-horned in as ‘director’), Chris Hoy, the endearingly batty Victoria Pendleton, the quite clearly fun-loving Jess Ennis and many more. But […]

  • Victoria Pendleton: looking good for Games gold even dressed entirely in cable

    By Sportingintelligence 23 April 2012 The London Olympics, like any summer Games, has become as much about a rush for businesses to exploit the massive media exposure it generates as about winning medals. Which is why companies like EDF pull stunts like the one below, dressing British cycling heroine Victoria Pendleton in wire for publicity. […]

  • AP McCoy accepts major BBC award with plug for Sky

    By Nick Harris 19 December 2010 Tony McCoy, the greatest jump jockey of all time, was crowned the BBC Sports Personality of the Year at a star-studded awards night in Birmingham this evening – and then mentioned the Beeb’s great broadcasting rivals, Sky, in his acceptance speech. He was talking about the delight with which […]

  • Tony McCoy wins first gong of sports awards season

    By Nick Harris 8 November 2010 Tony McCoy’s victory in the 2010 Grand National has been acknowledged as the ‘Jump off the sofa’ moment of the British sporting year so far, bolstering his credentials as the favourite to win next month’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award. The category was included in the inaugural […]

  • Gypsy kings: turbulent times on the road to be a somebody

    The first ever all-Traveller world title fight takes place on Saturday in Manchester between Billy Joe Saunders and Andy Lee. With their friend and kinsman Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury already at the centre of a storm for his controversial views and unconventional behaviour, Tim Martin explores the troubled background to the weekend’s unique contest. . By […]

  • Openly gay Olympians won six times as many golds as their peers. Why?

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year 22 August 2012 There were 23 openly gay athletes across all sports at the London 2012 Olympic Games according to observers who monitor such trends closely, notably Ten of them won medals (43 per cent) and seven of them won gold medals (30.4 per […]

  • Sport in 2012: glory for Murray, Manchester, Germany, London, TeamGB and Tiger

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year 1 January 2012 Sport, like life, is gloriously unpredictable – and hence predictions are fun at least for those able to mock at leisure when all your predictions go tits up. Still, Sportingintelligence thinks the following events might jolly well happen in 2012: Andy Murray will […]

  • ‘Defy terrorism and visit India. Why? Because it’s fabulous, vibrant, colourful, maddening, thrilling and tasty’

    By Nick Harris 19 February 2010 When the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British High Commissioner in Delhi and the Metropolitan Police become involved in the decision over whether England should attend the Commonwealth Games in India in October, you know that sport is as vulnerable as society at large to terrorism, and possibly more so. The forthcoming […]

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