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  • COVER-UP: A guide to the biggest doping scandal in English rugby

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year. 15 January 2012 The former Great Britain rugby league international Martin Gleeson has spoken today for the first time about the circumstances in which he came to fail a drugs test, and how more widespread use of a stimulant was covered up. His story, and a […]

  • 10 outstanding questions for UKAD on the Hull drugs cover-up

    By Sportingintelligence 14 March 2012 An anti-doping conference at Twickenham today includes an appearance by UKAD’s Richard Redman, the official who personally oversaw the investigation into the Martin Gleeson & Hull FC rugby league drugs cover-up. The Mail on Sunday and Sportingintelligence covered this in depth earlier this year. Articles linked here. Questions remain, however, […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Funding body Sport England kept in dark over drugs cover-up

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year 1 February 2012 SPORT England, the funding body that hands out taxpayers money to sports governing bodies, was kept in the dark over alleged breaches of the UK National Anti-Doping policy, Sportingintelligence can reveal  – meaning a governing body is continuing to receive a £28m […]

  • IAAF, Adidas, doping and internal contradictions of WADA report

          By Ross Tucker  (left, professor, Uni of the Free State, South Africa)  & Roger Pielke Jnr (right, professor, University of Colorado-Boulder) 25 January 2016 . The big news in global track and field today is that Adidas will end their sponsorship of the world governing body, the IAAF, four years early, according to a story broken […]

  • Twitter stories

      This page carries items posted on Twitter @Sportingintel that are not necessarily carried in any greater length on this site. Clicking on the ‘Tweet here” links takes you to the relevant tweet (and related comments / debate). If you’re interested in stories in greater detail on a particular sport, club, topic or whatever, use […]

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