Q&A – for the times when Twitter isn’t enough


This page will be used from time to answer reader’s questions, either asked on Twitter (@sportingintel) or sent by email (submissions@sportingintelligence.com)

Where possible we’ll also use this page to point you in the direction of various resources and background info on subjects we cover that you’re interested in.

You want to know who earns what in the MLS to the nearest cent? Then click here for that or here for archive.

If you want to know which professional sports leagues attract the most fans click here.

Or why Lance Armstrong’s charity work isn’t all it seemed, then go to external link here or examine financial records here.

Or find out which teams in world sport pay the most by looking here or ask about anything else … even why this website is called Sportingintelligence and why the Twitter handle is therefore @Sportingintel – by clicking here; or anything else really.


Date of latest question: TBC








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