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Formula 1Quick_newsSchumacher speaks on his comeback . . . and so does his wife

Schumacher speaks on his comeback . . . and so does his wife


24 December 2009

Michael Schumacher has been explaining the motivation for his comeback on his website (see the post on 23/12/09).  He writes: “Until recently, I was absolutely sure that I had ended my career as a race driver at Ferrari. But sometimes things change suddenly and unexpectedly.

“All of a sudden, the framework conditions aren’t the same anymore. At that point, you have to reconsider the decisions you’ve made. And, to tell the truth, the failed comeback attempt last summer gave me reason to reconsider my situation. I was surprised myself how fast and how strong I committed myself to this topic again.

“Apparently, my batteries recharged completely during the last three years. And when – thanks to Ross – the opportunity arose to drive for Mercedes GP, I realized that my old motivation was back, full of fresh energy and great force.”

Schumacher’s wife, Corinna, also writes on the website, talking about the imminent upheaval to family life but saying when MS made his decision, “I immediately felt that he was on fire again.”

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