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FeaturesSuper statto: SearsVilla look to kick-start season by chewing up most generous Toffees

Villa look to kick-start season by chewing up most generous Toffees


Brian Sears

13 January 2012

Aston Villa are having a mediocre season when it comes to gaining points; just 23 from 20 games. Villa have only known four previous seasons when they have gained fewer points at the same stage.

In 1994-95 they had only 17 points and ended 18th just escaping relegation in a league then with 22 teams.

In 2002-03 they had 22 points and finished 16th.  In 2005-06 they had 22 points and again finished 16th.

And last season they had 21 points at this stage but rallied with 27 points from their last 18 games to finish ninth.

Only three seasons ago Villa had 38 points from 20 games going on to finish sixth and 13 seasons ago they had their best return of 39 points but then only gained 16 points from their last 18 games to again finish sixth.

This week end Villa welcome Everton to Villa Park in the knowledge that the Toffees have provided the sweetest of opponents for them when it comes to  Villa’s points tally. In 39 Premier League meetings Villa have gained 66 points to Everton’s 36. (Villa’s points per game record against Everton is also high, beaten only against clubs they’ve played many fewer times, and only just beaten at that).

Villa’s next most generous opponents have been Tottenham from whom Villa have gained 53 points.

Villa’s whole points picture in the Premier League is shown in our tables below.

Villa need to keep Everton under their ‘cosh’ or their survival as one of the seven ever-present Premier League clubs could be the most in question.


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