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  • Saints’ Super Bowl win beats 1983 M.A.S.H finale record

    By Nick Harris 8 February 2010 The New Orleans Saints’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts in last night’s Super Bowl in Miami was the most-watched TV show in American history, beating the 27-year-old ratings record set by the final edition of M.A.S.H in 1983. Figures just released show that yesterday’s game attracted 106.7m viewers in […]

  • Sport in 3D is not the final hi-tech frontier

    By Nick Harris 7 February 2010 Over two consecutive weekends, a major sports event in Britain has been central to a landmark 3D broadcast. A week ago it was Arsenal’s Premier League match against Manchester United, which became the world’s first sports event to be shown live on television in 3D to the general public. […]

  • ‘Epochal’ moment in TV sport as Champions League final beats Super Bowl ratings

    By Nick Harris 31 January 2010 In a development that will have huge positive financial consequences for the elite of European football, including the biggest clubs in the Premier League,  the Champions’ League final has overtaken the Super Bowl as the most popular televised event in global club sport. (NB: club sport). An influential report, […]

  • Sony relaxed over $1bn IPL games now free on YouTube

    By Nick Harris 20 January Live coverage of every match in the 2010 Indian Premier League cricket season will be screened free-to-air, globally, on a dedicated YouTube channel, in every TV market except America, after a landmark agreement today between the IPL and Indian arm of Google, which owns YouTube. At face value, the agreement […]

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