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  • Kenny Huang’s meteoric rise from obscurity to Liverpool bidder (or not)

    By Nick Harris 24 August 2010 When the first breathless reports emerged that Kenny Huang, “billionaire sports mogul” (or some such description), owner of an NBA team (ahem), and boss of the Hong Kong sports investments giant QSL (ahem), was “closing in on takeover of Liverpool” (or some such description), funded by Chinese sovereign wealth […]

  • Premier League debt falls £1.1bn … not that you’ll hear about it

    By Nick Harris 28 February 2010 The combined debts of the Premier League’s clubs have fallen by £1.1bn in the past two years, although you wouldn’t know it from reading this in The Guardian, or this in The Independent, or this in The Times, or this in The Telegraph – Britain’s four major “quality” newspapers […]

  • ‘Defy terrorism and visit India. Why? Because it’s fabulous, vibrant, colourful, maddening, thrilling and tasty’

    By Nick Harris 19 February 2010 When the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British High Commissioner in Delhi and the Metropolitan Police become involved in the decision over whether England should attend the Commonwealth Games in India in October, you know that sport is as vulnerable as society at large to terrorism, and possibly more so. The forthcoming […]

  • Ten for 10: fearless predictions for next year

    By Nick Harris 31 December 2009 Ten for 2010. ONE) The Ivory Coast will go further in the summer’s World Cup that any African nation at any previous World Cup. If Didier Drogba arrives fit and well and not too despondent from missing out on the Premier League title, they could even win it, although […]

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