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  • IAAF, Adidas, doping and internal contradictions of WADA report

          By Ross Tucker  (left, professor, Uni of the Free State, South Africa)  & Roger Pielke Jnr (right, professor, University of Colorado-Boulder) 25 January 2016 . The big news in global track and field today is that Adidas will end their sponsorship of the world governing body, the IAAF, four years early, according to a story broken […]

  • Cycling in the EPO era: 65 per cent ‘juiced’ … and probably more

    . When Lance Armstrong was banned for life in August 2012 for doping to win his seven Tours de France between 1999 and 2005, most casual observers would have assumed cycling’s well-documented doping problems were, if not solved, then at least cleared up somewhat. But that sordid story did not start with Armstrong nor did it […]

  • Tyler Hamilton: ‘Pat McQuaid has no place in cycling’

    By Sportingintelligence 23 October 2012 Tyler Hamilton, the former team-mate of Lance Armstrong who prominently blew the whistle on drug taking in his sport and who has written a book about his sporting life, ‘The Secret Race’, has responded to accusations by UCI head Pat McQuaid that he is a ‘scumbag’. Hamilton has released the […]

  • Openly gay Olympians won six times as many golds as their peers. Why?

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year 22 August 2012 There were 23 openly gay athletes across all sports at the London 2012 Olympic Games according to observers who monitor such trends closely, notably Ten of them won medals (43 per cent) and seven of them won gold medals (30.4 per […]

  • London 2012: Better for Great Britain than 1908 despite fewer gold medals

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year 13 August 2012 The past few days we’ve heard that Great Britain has enjoyed its best Olympic medal haul since 1908 but in relative terms London 2012 was much better for the hosts. In 1908, there were only 2,008 competitors from 22 nations competing, and […]

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