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    By Sportingintelligence 11 May 2015 The 2015 edition of this website’s annual review of sports salaries (GSSS 2015) will be published later this month. Information on last year’s report and a free PDF copy of the 2014 report can be downloaded at our global salaries microsite here. Information about the previous five studies are at the […]

  • Global Sports Salaries Survey 2012: some international perspective

    By Sportingintelligence 6 May 2012 Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salary Survey 2012 (PDF available) was published on Tuesday 2 May. The main news story and headline findings appeared on this site on Tuesday. CLICK HERE for details. And there are GRAPHIC illustrations here. This year’s survey was again conducted in association with ESPN The Magazine in […]

  • The NFL, salaries, success and the chaos of relative fairness

    By Sportingintelligence 6 February 2012 The NFL has the ‘fairest’ distribution of salaries across its 32 teams of any of the ‘big five’ US sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and MLS) when you take into consideration the differential between the best paid team and the worst paid team. It is also much fairer than […]

  • Salaries report

      FOR GSSS reports since 2014, visit Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salary Survey 2014 Obtain the full report free from 15 April 2014 by clicking this link to send an email. (Write GSSS 2014 in the subject line, and your name / organisation in the email). Or download it directly from the GSSS microsite:   ———————- Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports […]

  • Revealed: Villa’s £50m transfers and £2.4m salaries

    By Nick Harris 7 March 2010 Aston Villa’s transfer spending since the start of last summer has been bigger than assumed and has probably been close to £50m in that period. A note in the most recent accounts of Villa’s parent company, Reform Acquisitions Limited, which were released just before the weekend, says the “net […]

  • ‘Of course, clubs exist in a marketplace: they compete, they pay salaries, sign contracts. They’re not fluffy-bunny anarcho-syndicalist communes’

    DAVE BOYLE is the chief executive of Supporters Direct, the organisation that works with supporters trusts at football clubs to help them buy shares and increase influence at their clubs. A former long-serving National Council Member of The Football Supporters’ Federation, he supports AFC Wimbledon. He was also, rather marvelously, the advisor on football matters […]

  • Sports salaries database: explanatory notes

    The sportingintelligence sports salaries database allows you to compare athletes’ wages on a like-for-like basis from major sports around the world. The first-team average salary is provided for every team in every season. When you have selected a sport, league and season, you are provided with a range of team or player options, and it is […]

  • Sports salaries

    . Our unique database (accessible only when logged in) was open for a free initial trial period between April and July 2010; this free trial is no longer available. . The database is currently being updated. Access to information in the database is now available upon request on a case by case basis by emailing us […]

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