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FootballNewsManchester United the only Premier League team in credit at Anfield (bar Barnsley and Blackpool)

Manchester United the only Premier League team in credit at Anfield (bar Barnsley and Blackpool)


By Brian Sears

4 March 2011

In this, the 19th season of the Premier League, Manchester United hope to reach another 19 – league titles in English football history. That would take them one past Liverpool’s all-time 18, and that is one reason that this weekend’s game at Anfield between the two old rivals is so important. United can take another stride with victory. Or Liverpool can help hobble the march of the foe.

Whereas Liverpool were the undisputed top dogs in title wins in the era before the Premier League started in 1992 (all Liverpool’s titles came before that), United have won 11 of their 18 titles in the Premier League era. They are also one of the rare, rare sides to have a positive record against Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League era.

In fact only three clubs are in points credit at Anfield in league games since 1992-1993: United, Barnsley and Blackpool. The later have only played there once each, winning.

The full records of every Premier League era club at Anfield are summarised below.

In 18 Premier League meetings between United and Liverpool at Anfield to date, Liverpool have won six, drawn three and lost nine, taking 21 points and conceding 30. This means United are nine points in credit, and Liverpool nine in deficit.

Barnsley’s solitary win was on 22nd November 1997, with Ashley Ward claiming the only goal of the game. Much more recently, on 3rd October 2010, Blackpool won 2-1.

Four other clubs are even with Liverpool when it comes to Premier League points at Anfield: Birmingham (after six visits) have split 14 points with the Reds, while Ipswich (five visits), Watford (two) and Swindon (one) are on a par with their bigger illustrious hosts.

Newcastle, West Ham, Bolton, Tottenham and Blackburn are all at least 30 points in arrears to Liverpool in their meetings at Anfield.

At Anfield, Liverpool have gained a total of 764 Premier League points from their 362 Premier League games over the 19 seasons to date including this one.

This means Liverpool have more home points in the Premier League era than any clubs except United (871 points from 362 games) and Arsenal (784 points from 362 games).


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