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  • ALEX WILLIS: ‘I never experienced that unfathomable pull of a fan putting their lung capacity into cheering on 11 men they don’t know’

    ALEXANDRA WILLIS is the Deputy Editor of ACE Tennis Magazine, and alongside mag work and an affair with social media, has the dubious honour of following British players to Grand Slam qualifying from time to time as part of her professional duties. If you happen to bump into her court-side, she’ll probably tell you that she went […]

  • French Open may remain at Roland Garros

    24 September 2010 . The French Open may abandon plans to re-locate to the Parisian suburbs after a vital concession that could allow the French Tennis Federation (FFT) to expand the existing site. Organisers have been seeking ways to modernise and improve the historic location near the French capital’s Bois de Boulogne, but have been […]

  • Arsenal post record profit of £56m

    24 September 2010 Arsenal’s financial figures for the year to May 2010 show record profits in the group of £56m. Full details and downloads are here at the Arsenal website. Key details: Turnover in the group, including property: up to £379.9m from £313.3m. Operating profit in the football business down slightly: to £56.8m from £62.7m, […]

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