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Spot the ball park: No6


25 March 2010

Can you identify the sporting arena? We take an aerial view of a ball park, football stadium, marathon course, golf course, Games venue, race track, iconic arena, athletic theatre (some literally theatres), pitch, park, stretch of water or wherever else sport takes place. And we ask you to identify it with the help of a cryptic clue… For older STBPs, click here



Clue: You’ll be sleepless if you’re tuning in (or tuned in) from London to watch your former Fred play in the curtain raiser.

Which city? And what is the venue in question?

Answers in the comment box, please. The winner receives a dip in the ocean (transport and costume not included).






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  • tim simonson:

    Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington

  • admin:

    Right first time.

  • F1Mikal:

    uhhh, the giveaway… the logo on the roof!


    F1Mikal in NYC

  • Richard Walton:

    That’ll be Qwest Field belonging to the Seattle Seahawks

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