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  • Cavaliers No1 in world sports pay, Man Utd highest in football

    By Nick Harris 13 November 2016 The Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA are now the best paid team in global sport according to Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) for 2016, to be published in full tomorrow, and with key extracts in today’s Mail on Sunday (links below). The average first-team pay at the Cavaliers, home to NBA icon LeBron James, […]

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    GSSS 2016

    . The Global Sports Salaries microsite is here The new Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS 2016) can be downloaded at the link above, free. Last year’s report is here. News about the GSSS 2016 is here . For more information about previous reports 2015 Report 2014 Report 2013 Report 2012 Report 2011 Report 2010 Report

  • REVEALED: Manchester City rise to top of global pay charts, Dodgers soar to challenge

    By Nick Harris 11 June 2013 Manchester City are the best paid team in global sport according to Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) for 2013, compiled in association with ESPN The Magazine and published this week to coincide with The Magazine’s ‘Money Issue’ (cover below). The average first-team pay at City, who have been transformed […]

  • Former Liverpool bidder Kenny Huang and business partner at odds on stories

    By Nick Harris 25 August 2010 Kenny Huang’s questionable credibility as ever being a serious bidder for Liverpool has taken a further knock today with a claim by his Chicago-based business partner, Marc Ganis, that they never actually made a bid for the club.  “There was never a formal proposal submitted by us to the […]

  • Kenny Huang’s meteoric rise from obscurity to Liverpool bidder (or not)

    By Nick Harris 24 August 2010 When the first breathless reports emerged that Kenny Huang, “billionaire sports mogul” (or some such description), owner of an NBA team (ahem), and boss of the Hong Kong sports investments giant QSL (ahem), was “closing in on takeover of Liverpool” (or some such description), funded by Chinese sovereign wealth […]

  • REVEALED: The myth of Liverpool’s would-be saviour, Kenny Huang

    SPORTINGINTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION By Nick Harris 24 August 2010 The credibility of Liverpool’s would-be saviour Kenny Huang is thrown into further doubt today with revelations that he has a history of making claims about his background and business interests that swing between exaggeration and falsehood. Huang has been hailed as Liverpool’s would-be saviour in some quarters […]

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