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FootballNewsLiverpool bidder Kenny Huang withdrew interest after failing to gain exclusivity deal

Liverpool bidder Kenny Huang withdrew interest after failing to gain exclusivity deal


By Nick Harris

23 August 2010

Kenny Huang requested a period of exclusivity for his putative bid for Liverpool but was denied it after failing to satisfy some key requirements to gain such exclusivity, sportingintelligence understands.

Huang withdrew from the running for Liverpool on Friday without providing any reason. It has been reported that he was unhappy with the behaviour and demands of the Liverpool chairman, Martin Broughton.

This website understands that the Liverpool board has never been opposed, in principle, to granting an exclusivity period to any bidder in order to enable that bidder to have access to the books, and work on finer details of outline plans.

But the conditions for granting such exclusivity included proof of funds, and revealing the identities of financial backers.

It is understood that, contrary to widespread reports elsewhere, Huang was either unable or unwilling to provide proof of funds, and unable or unwilling to provide details about the identity of his backers. His request for exclusivity was therefore denied. He pulled out.

There remains a sincere belief, in some quarters, that Kenny Huang was a credible bidder with guarantees of funding and long-term plans for the club. Others retain serious doubts.

To date there has been no proof provided that Huang is, or was ever, backed by the CIC sovereign wealth fund of China, or any other backer of that nature.


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