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FootballNewsCity and United make Manchester top for goals as clubs renew record hunt

City and United make Manchester top for goals as clubs renew record hunt


By Brian Sears

5 April 2012

After a March slowdown in scoring, the Premier League is back on track for another season of record scoring – just.

A hectic Easter schedule of football will see 20 top-flight games played between Friday night and Wednesday.

In the last moments of the last day of last season, a new Premier League record of 2.8 goals per game for a season was reached, as we reported at the time here (LINK includes tables of season by season scoring).

It promises to be just as tight this season if recent weeks are any indication. Before last Saturday, March’s rate of scoring was at a low of 2.3 goals a game and the season’s overall rate at that point – if maintained – would have left the Prem four goals shy of last year’s record.

But come Saturday evening and the 27 goals in seven games, the season’s rate of scoring had been lifted to a level that if maintained will beat the record by five goals. What statistical excitement we have! Oh yes. For full details see the chart below.

Premier League football fans are not all sharing in the goals bonanza.

If you watch your football in Manchester you have, of course, been feasting on goals and your home teams have been scoring the lion’s share of them. See table below for full details of how fans at the Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford have seen almost twice as many goals this season as those watching games at Anfield, Goodison and Swansea.

Wolves fans, too, have seen lots of goals but sadly two-thirds of them have been in their own net, scored by visiting teams.


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