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Premier League – The Global Game: join our unique research project


By Nick Harris

22 August 2010

It’s well established that the Premier League is popular outside Britain, and as we reveal elsewhere today, it’s now possible to quantify in cash terms quite how popular compared to rival leagues.

But where is it most popular? And why?

Who watches it in Papua New Guinea or Albania, in the Deep South of America or in the outback in Australia?

Do you? If so, we want to hear from you.

How much do you pay to watch Premier League football, if anything? And who do you watch it with?

What does all this mean for the clubs involved, in terms of popularity, and income? What can other sports leagues learn from the Premier League, and what can the Premier League learn from elsewhere?

We want to find out, and in a unique, season-long experiment, sportingintelligence hopes to recruit at least one Premier League watcher in each of the 200-plus nations and territories around the world where Premier League games are screened live to contribute their views.

Do you watch the Premier League in any country outside of England? Join our research project

If you’d like to get involved, click this link to email us at, and name your country in the subject line.

We won’t be able to respond personally to everyone but we’ll try to involve as many people as possible.

On the final day of the current season, 22 May 2011, we’d like every member of our global panel to file a short report on a Premier League match they watch that day; ie: tell us who they are and what they do for a living, where they watched the match and on what station / platform, who with, what the local tipple is and how much it costs, and what the atmosphere was like.


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