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Quick_newsIPL ringmaster Lalit Modi submits third and final reply to ‘show cause’ notices with swipe at snipers

IPL ringmaster Lalit Modi submits third and final reply to ‘show cause’ notices with swipe at snipers


By Nick Harris

15 June 2010

Lalit Modi, the suspended chairman and commissioner of the Indian Premier League, finished his response to third “show cause” notice against him last night and submitted it to the relevant authorities in India via email from London today.

Modi is accused of a variety of misdemeanours and improper conduct including receiving kickbacks relating to IPL TV deals, manipulating the bid process for new IPL franchises, holding “silent stakes” in three franchises, and betting.

Modi has been emphatic in stating his innocence and has vowed to clear his name.

He has also requested that two men he perceives as enemies within cricket’s corridors of power – the BCCI president, Shashank Manohar, and its secretary, N Srinivasan – take no part in any disciplinary action against him, if any is taken.

Modi is a prolific Tweeter, and has been on vacation in London, from where he dispatched three Tweets yesterday in quick succession about his reply to the show cause notices, which are basically legal instruments that require explanations for activity related to charges.

The first Tweet, at 6.39pm last night, said: “Rainy day in London. Just finished reply to third show cause notice. Will submit it tomorrow.”

The second said: “Time to now relax and watch the world cup soccer, with the show causes out of the way, unless more arrive.”

The third, a remark aimed at administrative and business rivals who Modi believes are involved in action against him to settle personal scores, said: “Surprising how complaints against me get converted to show causes within seconds and complaints against other members get ignored completely.”

Modi’s lawyer, Mehmood Abdi, told the Press Trust of India today: “In reply to the third show cause notice Mr Modi is going to reiterate his demand for recusal of both Honorary BCCI secretary N Srivasan and BCCI president Shashank Manohar.”


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