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  • Tiger tales thrive in an information vacuum

    30 December 2009 Furman Bisher is a retired sports columnists, former Sports Illustrated journalist and veteran golf writer, and this blog posting from him about Tiger Woods has caused a right old rumpus. Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg says the content of the Bisher blog is inaccurate; it is not a million miles from the core […]

  • China aiming to make strides at the 2012 Games . . . in race walking

    29 December 2009 It’s never to early to get a steer on what your rivals are planning ahead of an Olympic Games. So it’s worth noting this little snippet of news from Beijing today about where the Chinese are focussing their athletic resources ahead of the 2012 Olympics in London – on race walking. There […]

  • The stories that rocked sport in 2009

    29 December 2009 The New York Times calls it an annual “meeting of minds” but their round-up of top-class opinion on the sports stories of 2009 just re-emphasises how our little corners of the planet see things so very differently. That’s why Japan winning at baseball was as huge there as Terry Henry’s notorious handball […]

  • Spot the ball park: No1

    Can you identify the sporting arena? We take an aerial view of a ball park, football stadium, marathon course, golf course, Games venue, race track, iconic arena, athletic theatre (some literally theatres), pitch, park, stretch of water or wherever else sport takes place. And we ask you to identify it with the help of a […]

  • Ponting on the cusp on becoming Australia’s winning-most captain in history

    27 December 2009 If Ricky Ponting’s Australia can beat Pakistan in the first Test, it will make him the most successful captain in the history of cricket’s most successful nation, something pondered by Malcolm Conn in the Australian today (28 December), and by Greg Baum in The Age before the Test started. Mention of Ponting […]

  • Socceroos urged to hop it to Europe if they want to play at the World Cup

    27 December 2009 Pim Verbeek, the head coach of Australia’s football team, has hinted heavily that any player wanting to make it into his 23-man squad for the 2010 World Cup finals will need to be playing club football at a decent level in Europe between January and the summer. “On May 11, I will […]

  • Is the recession levelling the Premier League playing field?

    27 December 2009 As the economic downturn starts to nip at the heels of  Britain’s sporting economic juggernaut, the Premier League, Paul Hayward in the Observer theorises that the hard times equal greater equality. Leaving aside the fact that the current challenge to the ‘big four’ is coming most strongly from teams also owned by […]

  • Nils Middelboe: a hassle-free Chelsea foreign import

    By Nick Harris 26 December 2009 Denmark’s Nils Middelboe was attached to the Casuals and Newcastle before playing League football for Chelsea from late 1913. Photographs from the time show an awkward, apparently shy man with long skinny arms and a concave chest. But as his lengthy international career and authorship of coaching manuals showed, he […]

  • Mokone invited to WC2010 as SA ‘legend’

    Exclusive By Nick Harris 26 December 2009 The VIP guest list for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will include a pioneering player who played for Coventry City, Cardiff and Barnsley among many stops in a colourful, controversial career that has also included fierce criticism of his native South African FA. Steve Mokone was […]

  • Gasquet cleared to play by CAS

    The Court of Arbitration for Sport has cleared Richard Gasquet to resume his tennis career, believing that cocaine got into his system after he kissed a girl in a nightclub. The press release from CAS on 17 December can be found here. And the full details of the case can be found here.

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