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  • American broadcast giant invites FIFA candidates to live TV debate

    By James Corbett 29 December 2015 Major broadcaster ESPN is taking steps to organise a live televised debate between the five candidates still in the running to become the most powerful man in world football, Sportingintelligence can reveal. The US giant has proposed a date of 29 January 2016 and a location of London for the […]

  • ’11 goals, two hat-tricks, three pens, one red and several punch-ups … it was the greatest final ever played on American soil’

    * Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber recently announced plans to extend his organisation’s geographic reach by adding five new franchises by 2020. The new entrants will boost MLS to 24 teams – a haunting reminder for older American fans who witnessed the North American Soccer League’s swift demise after peaking at 24 franchises in […]

  • Oh Sandy: how the hurricane is impacting American sport

    By Sportingintelligence 7 November 2012 NB: this page was originally focussed on the hurricane (see below). On US election night, coverage switches to live footage of the race for the White House: .   29 October 2012 With the eastern seaboard of the USA bracing for Hurricane Sandy to do its worst within hours of […]

  • In Brad we trust: why Villa’s American is a constant blessing

    By Brian Sears 31 March 2010 Many things in life are uncertain, from the changing of the seasons (these days) to whether the world will explode when the Large Hadron Collider really gets a move on, although reports of the initial collision of protons at record energy levels in a tube beneath Switzerland are encouraging. […]

  • American gridiron fans keep faith through the downturn

    By Nick Harris 4 January 2010 New figures collated by following last night’s conclusion to the NFL’s 2009 regular season show that the world’s best-attended domestic sports league (by average crowd) has registered only a slight dip in numbers. The average number of people at the 256 regular season games was 67,509, or just […]

  • Opportunity from uncertainty: inventing the future of football

    By Tim Walters 22 April 2020 In the midst of our global pandemic, the football world finds itself entangled in a vast and intricate Gordian knot of scheduling logjams, contractual obligations, and financial relationships from which there appears to be no clear way to proceed. Understandably, the rush is to get football and the football […]

  • Messi’s Barca break £10m-a-year barrier to hit No1 in global pay

    By Nick Harris 26 November 2018 La Liga giants Barcelona, home to Lionel Messi, are the best paid team in global sport and the first sports team in history to have average basic annual pay of more than £10m according to Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) for 2018, published today. Download the GSSS 2018 This year’s […]

  • MLS ‘will imminently join’ world’s top 10 leagues by revenue

    By Ezechiel Abatan Senior Analyst / Head of Football at Sportcal 12 June 2018 Major League Soccer (MLS) will imminently become one of the world’s top 10 soccer leagues by average revenue per team, according to an exclusive new Sportcal report. MLS teams were collectively losing $100m a year as recently as four years ago […]

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