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  • Slam dunk: NBA the richest sports league in the world by average pay

    By Nick Harris SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year 22 April 2011 The best paid sportsmen in the world, judged on average earnings per player across whole leagues, are the basketball players who make their living in the NBA in North America, according to the findings of sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Report 2011 (GSSS […]

  • NBA bans new ‘super shoe’ that adds lift to jumps

    20 October 2010 Either the people behind the new Concept 1 trainers (sneakers) are marketing geniuses, or the Athletic Propulsion Labs product really does give you more lift. In any case, the shoe is so good at what it does – giving the wearer more height when jumping – that the NBA has banned it. “Under […]

  • Why the NBA owns Christmas Day

    22 December 2009 It wasn’t so many decades ago (about five) that teams in the English football league would routinely play matches on Christmas Day, and then play the reverse match on Boxing Day. Whatever one thinks of packed modern schedules, they’re not like that now, although elsewhere in the world, the festive day has […]

  • Opportunity from uncertainty: inventing the future of football

    By Tim Walters 22 April 2020 In the midst of our global pandemic, the football world finds itself entangled in a vast and intricate Gordian knot of scheduling logjams, contractual obligations, and financial relationships from which there appears to be no clear way to proceed. Understandably, the rush is to get football and the football […]

  • Ronaldo’s Juventus leap to join Messi’s Barca on global pay podium

    By Nick Harris 23 December 2019 Lionel Messi’s  Barcelona have retained their status as the best paid team in all of global sport, measured by average basic pay in their first-team squad, according to Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) for 2019, published today. Barca’s average pay is just over £9.8m, with Real Madrid in second place […]

  • Messi’s Barca break £10m-a-year barrier to hit No1 in global pay

    By Nick Harris 26 November 2018 La Liga giants Barcelona, home to Lionel Messi, are the best paid team in global sport and the first sports team in history to have average basic annual pay of more than £10m according to Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) for 2018, published today. Download the GSSS 2018 This year’s […]

  • The Hogwarts of soccer, Barca 2012: the story behind the story

    In 2012, Grant Wahl wrote a profile piece about FC Barcelona for Sports Illustrated. It was headlined The World’s Team and for it, he was given unparalleled week-long access to the club’s new training facility – which he memorably titles ‘The Hogwarts of Soccer’. This was FC Barcelona in 2012, basking in the afterglow of […]

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