Oh Sandy: how the hurricane is impacting American sport

By Sportingintelligence

7 November 2012

NB: this page was originally focussed on the hurricane (see below). On US election night, coverage switches to live footage of the race for the White House:



29 October 2012

With the eastern seaboard of the USA bracing for Hurricane Sandy to do its worst within hours of the time of writing (9pm UK time, Monday, 29 October), here is a digest of how the world of US sport is being affected.

At Sportsnet, you’ll find a round-up of how the governing bodies and individual franchises are coping.

Forbes has got a feature on what happens when sport and mother nature collide.

The NFL has pushed back the trade deadline from Tuesday to Thursday because of the weather.

Meanwhile another report says Sandy is not affecting sport much at all.

Below, watch the Weather Channel live (at the time of writing) as it covers the hurricane’s progress:


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