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Quick_newsSale of Nasri makes Arsenal a net selling club over a decade

Sale of Nasri makes Arsenal a net selling club over a decade


By Sportingintelligence

24 August 2011

The sale of Samir Nasri by Arsenal to Manchester City today, hot on the sale of Cesc Fabregas, means Arsenal have now not spend a penny, net, on transfers in the past decade.

In fact, as our table below shows, as things stand on the evening of Wednesday 24 August, they have net transfer income of £4,224,000 over that time.

The table below is an updated version of the one that accompanied THIS PIECE linked here on 12 August. We have updated expenditure and sales for all clubs in the intervening period.

Only Blackburn, with net income of £45.8m in the same period have also made money among the Premier League’s 20 current clubs.

Arsenal are 19th spenders over the period.

Of course Arsene Wenger is now expected to start buying to redress that – won’t he?


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