Briton Sichel finishes 1000-mile race in second place in under a fortnight, setting record time

By Pete Wilson

29 March 2010

Briton’s foremost ultra-distance runner, William Sichel, is a former cancer patient who lives on the remote Orkney island of Sanday and makes a living hand-dyeing Angora wool to be made into clothes, including thermal underwear. His sporting life is not so conventional (and yes, we’ve cracked that joke before).

Today, after almost a fortnight of running around and around a 1km track at a disused airport at Loutraki outside Athens, Sichel, 56, has finished second in a 1,000-mile race, in a record time for a man aged 55 or over. We’ve carried regular updates throughout the race on this website about his astonishing quest, and you can read more now it’s over in this report at The Independent.


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