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  • Opportunity from uncertainty: inventing the future of football

    By Tim Walters 22 April 2020 In the midst of our global pandemic, the football world finds itself entangled in a vast and intricate Gordian knot of scheduling logjams, contractual obligations, and financial relationships from which there appears to be no clear way to proceed. Understandably, the rush is to get football and the football […]

  • Landmark study concludes ‘cricket not to blame’ for player suicides

    By Nick Harris 23 May 2016 The first peer-reviewed academic study on the phenomenon of suicide among Test cricketers has concluded the sport is ‘not to blame’ and there is no evidence of a higher incidence of such deaths among players than among the general population. Academics from England and Australia found instead that the Test […]

  • Inventing football’s future: A 10-point plan to revolutionise FIFA

    By Tim Walters 7 March 2016 The recent election of Gianni Infantino and adoption of a package of minor reforms has done little to reassure those who closely follow FIFA that football’s international governing body is about to fundamentally change its ways. Indeed, much about Infantino himself gives ample cause for concern that this is […]

  • Letter from America: Happy 130th birthday to English ‘soccer’

    A ‘soccer’ lesson (Or … A few words from the States on the most contentious of words)   PDF here to read offline . By Steve Hendricks 6 December 2015 This month marks the 130th anniversary of one of the most traumatic events in British football. Lay historians may think I’m referring to the English Football Association’s […]

  • The Premier League: not as (accurately) predictable as you think Read more >

    The Premier League: not as (accurately) predictable as you think

    By Roger Pielke Jr 26 May 2015 Another Premier League season is in the history books, and with it another campaign where we can now assess the accuracy of forecasts made about the season. Once again, we learn that skillful prediction is really, really hard. Here I evaluate 60 predictions by fans, journalists, analytics experts and […]

  • From Man Utd at £1bn to Wigan at £43m: what’s your club REALLY worth?

    . Recent months have seen some extraordinary numbers bandied around for the values of English Premier League clubs. Arsenal were rumoured to be the target of £1.5bn offer by a Middle Eastern consortium, who have gone strangely quiet since. In January, Forbes said Manchester United had become the world’s highest value ‘sports franchise’ worth $3.3bn (£2.1bn). […]

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