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First aim for Connor at Wolves is first ever Premier League win against Newcastle


By Brian Sears

24 February 2012

So Wolves have found themselves a new manager in the form of Terry Connor, at least until the end of the season.

But they’ve never yet managed to find a win against Newcastle United in the Premier League. And where are they going this weekend?

That’s right: St James’ Park.

I’ll say it again: St James’ Park.

Try and scrub that out with a squeezy mop and some washing-up liquid Mr Ashley!


Anyway, back to the stats.

The only other current Premier League clubs against whom Wolves have not yet managed a win are A) Arsenal (although they did gain their first Premier League point from the Gunners in their Yuletide 1-1  at the Emirates); B) the new boys from Swansea and Norwich, who both got 2-2 draws at Molineux earlier this season.

Wolves have even beaten Chelsea once, although they’ve lost their other seven Prem meetings against Chelsea.

Wolves’ full record against past and current Premier League teams is in the chart below.

Wolves have found most success against Sunderland (12 points from five games) and Fulham (12 points from seven games). Wolves visit Craven Cottage next after their St James’s visit.

Yes: St James’ I say. What you gonna do about it baldy?


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