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  • Fulham and Sunderland: top drawzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    By Brian Sears 26 November 2010 As any statto worth his anorak knows, the Premier League’s draw rate has been high this season, buy how high? And just how many stalemates are we now witnessing involving Fulham, Sunderland, Birmingham, Everton, Bolton and Manchester United? Yep. A lot. . More Brian Sears Sportingintelligence home page

  • Chelsea’s unbeaten run against promoted sides in jeopardy at Newcastle

    By Brian Sears 26 November 2010 Pundits ponder Chelsea’s loss of form. Those of a numerate bent – and especially regular readers of these pages – will know Roman’s blues have been weighed down by statistical history. They’ve been so good for so long that a correction has long been overdue and it’s coming home […]

  • Arsenal research brand value in hope of catching United, Real and Barcelona

    The ‘brand’ is increasingly bandied around in the world of football. Sportingintelligence explains what is meant by a brand and how you calculate its value. Alex Miller reports. . By Alex Miller 26 November 2010 Ask anyone with even the most basic knowledge of football to name the clubs with the biggest and most valuable […]

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