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  • Ahsan Ali Syed’s Spanish adventure starts to unravel

    Ahsan Ali Syed, a one-time bidder for Blackburn Rovers, is experiencing trouble at his Spanish club Racing Santander amid ongoing claims of massive corruption elsewhere in his business empire. The report linked here from Bloomberg is a good update while the knock-on effects for a New Zealand business tycoon are dealt with in the story […]

  • Blackburn takeover latest: Q&A with Ahsan Ali Syed

    By Nick Harris 19 August 2010 Ahsan Ali Syed, the Bahrain-based Indian businessman who says he wants to buy Blackburn Rovers, describes himself in his company’s 2009 annual report as a “Dreamer, Visionary, Navigator and Leader”. That report, for Western Gulf Advisory AG, which describes itself as “a self-sustaining investment and asset management company”, can […]

  • Betting (and/or integrity) cases in sport to watch for in 2011

    By Sportingintelligence 15 February 2011 . Match-fixing and betting-related corruption have been cited in recent years by various senior sports figures as the biggest threat to sport in the near future. Michel Platini, the head of Uefa, has said so numerous times now, including in this interview from November 2010, when he said: “To fix […]

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